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Built In Central Vacuums

We have 4 different brands of central vacuums in stock. Each of these brands have many models of canisters and accessory kits.

You can choose a different brand of canister to go with your accessories so we have over 500 different combinations to choose from.

Different brands or models of central vacuum canisters have various features which may be more or less important to you such as bags or not, filters, power, size, price or even how quiet they are or how long the warranty is.

When choosing an accessory kit to go with your canister the type of floor surfaces you have determines if you need a power nozzle.

When you come in we can narrow your search for your best choice quickly with some simple questions. We can also install the central vacuum for you or help you with any questions you might have if you decide to install it yourself.

We have installation kits available as well as a large selection of fittings, pipe, inlet covers and more to help you install your machine properly.

If you need to do carpet you can use a turbo nozzle or one of the many sizes of electric power nozzles.

There are also kits for hard surfaces only, that do not have power nozzles. The hoses can vary in length with 30ft ones being the most common and may have switches to control the power nozzle and the main canister.

Our many working displays can better help you choose the right combination of canister and tools to suit your needs for central vacuums!

We also do service calls for any brand of central vacuum.