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A canister vacuum can be purchased with or without a power nozzle for cleaning carpet. For hard surface floors a soft bristle floor brush is usually best and will not scratch your floors.

A combination tool will do smaller low pile mats but for larger area carpets or wall to wall carpet a power nozzle is needed for best results. There are air turbo nozzles for lower pile carpet and are very light and easy to use.

However, to do a better job or on higher pile carpet an electric power nozzle is needed. These vary from light and easy to use to heavier power nozzles for better results and usually less maintenance. Cleaning under and around furniture is easier with a canister vacuum than an upright vacuum.

The canister vacuum is the most versitile because of its ability to do any floor surface as well as doing stairs and furniture which can be done with less effort. A canister without a power nozzle is less money than one with a power nozzle but if you have carpets the power nozzle is needed to clean carpets properly.

We have more than 30 different models of canister vacuums of many brands in stock and on display.

Canisters are much better at cleaning hard surface floors and reaching under furniture than an upright vacuum.

They can also have power nozzles for cleaning carpet.

Warranties and price can differ between models and brands. The filtration can also vary between models and brands.

The best way to choose the right vacuum to suit your needs is to come in and try the vacuum in the store.